Installation of Platform Stairlifts in Lucca

Installation of Stairlifts at "Villa Puccini" in Lucca

Faboc Due has recently completed the installation of an Athena platform stairlift at the “Puccini Museum Villa” in Lucca. This intervention marks a significant step forward in the accessibility of the museum, the birthplace of the renowned composer Giacomo Puccini, enhancing the usability of the space for all visitors, including those with reduced mobility.

The Puccini Museum, located in the apartment where Puccini was born on December 22, 1858, houses an invaluable heritage. Among the exhibited items are original furnishings, autograph scores of early compositions, including his first opera, the Prelude for orchestra discovered in 1999, and the Mass for four voices from 1880. Additionally, the museum preserves several letters of Giacomo Puccini, as well as paintings, photographs, sketches, and numerous precious memorabilia and documents that tell the story of the master’s life and work.

Some Technical Features of the Platform Stairlift

The installed platform stairlift features a series of advanced technical specifications that ensure efficiency, safety, and ease of use:

Servoscala a pedana a Lucca Faboc Due

  • Load Capacity: 250 kg up to 45°
  • Maximum Speed: 6 m/min
  • Motorized foldable platform for easy accessibility and use
  • Two motorized, retractable safety bars within the platform, ensuring maximum safety
  • On-board control panel with an extendable cable for direct and intuitive control
  • Landing control panels with remote control operation, facilitating distant use
  • 24 VDC power supply with blackout-proof batteries and automatic chargers at the ends, ensuring operational continuity
  • Anti-crushing, anti-shearing, and anti-collision systems compliant with EN 81/40 standards, guaranteeing maximum operational safety


These features make the stairlift not only an efficient solution but also aesthetically integrated into the historic environment of “Casa Puccini.” Faboc Due’s intervention thus allows a wider audience to appreciate the cultural and historical heritage of one of Italy’s greatest composers, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all museum visitors.

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