Domestic Stairlift Victoria

Vertical Platform Lift Parigi-A

Platform Stairlift Olympia

Hidden Wheelchair Lift Z-Slim

Platform Stairlift Olympia


Stairlifts and Platform Lifts for disabled people

Made in Italy customizable accessability solutions by Faboc

Faboc is one of the leading italian manufacturers of accessibilty solutions. From individual homes to large companies, Faboc can provide the solution to enable people with physical restrictions full access to all areas of a building.
Stairlifts, Wheelchair Platform Stairlifts, Steplifts, Faboc stair lifts have been designed to suit all kinds of staircases – straight or curved, narrow or wide – and can be customized according to a variety of needs and budgets.


Straight Inclined Platform lift. Suitable for very narrow staircases


Wheelchair lift for both turning and straight stairs


Stairlift for straight and curved Stairs


Steplift - Low Rise Platform Lift


Hidden Wheelchair lift - Max lifting height 800mm


Hidden Platform lift - Max horizontal travel 1000mm


Wheelchair Lift - Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lift

Bespoke design of stairlifts, platform lifts for home and business

Stair lifts, Stairlifts and platform lifts made from the finest components in Italy.

Faboc provides stairlift solutions, technical support and components internationally

Faboc is a market leader in high quality, innovative accessible solutions