Hidden Platform lift - Max horizontal travel 1000mm

Z-SLIM is ideal for overcoming small differences in height, by users with reduced motor capabilities, either on a wheelchair or standing.

Utmost Versatility without Bulk: Z-SLIM makes it possible to overcome architectural barriers while remaining out of view when closed, thereby solving environmental impact problems in buildings of historical interest or with particular architectural qualities.
The system can be prepared for masonry facing (marble, tiles, etc.) to obtain perfect harmony and integration with any environment. Alternatively it is supplied with a non-slip surface.

Z-SLIM comprises a fixed pantograph base which takes care of the lifting and a sliding platform which takes care of the transferring. Its typical application is the one for overcoming brief flights of steps.

The system is fitted with perimeter fall-prevention protections (they rise before lifting begins) and bottom crush prevention (that stops the platform in the case of interference with foreign bodies) which, combined with the protective bellows, warrant all-round safety.
If travel exceeds 500 mm, the machine shall be fitted with a protection bar on the downward side according to standards.
An on-board pushbutton strip can be fitted to allow autonomous use.

Z-SLIM possesses all the devices needed to warrant the utmost personal safety.
Faboc guarantees its products for 24 months from delivery.

max. 350
2 years
European Conformity

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