Wheelchair lift for both turning and straight stairs

The OLYMPIA wheelchair carrier stairlift has been created out of Faboc’s decade of expertise and accurate design. It has been developed to meet the needs of users with reduced motor capabilities, either on a wheelchair or standing. The system can overcome straight and curved routings also with several flights with landings and varying gradients.

Simplicity and autonomy: OLYMPIA is complete with all accessories for easy use. There is an on-board pushbutton strip with extensible cable that can also be used by an accompanying person; in addition, the platform, the containment bars and connection slides are fully motorised offering independence to the user in the utmost comfort. The presence of an anti-blackout device warrants use of the system also in the event of a temporary interruption of the electricity.

Innovative design and minimal encumbrance, thanks to the single track made following the shape of the staircase, make it possible to achieve perfect harmony and integration with any setting; another important feature is the noiselessness of the stairlift during motion. Specific treatments preserve the stairlift against the action of the weather, making it suitable also for outdoor use. The system requires no accessory masonry works and no installation permit or licence.

OLYMPIA possesses all the devices needed to warrant the utmost personal safety. Special finishes and accessories can be provide on request. Faboc guarantees its products for 24 months from delivery.

max. 250
2 years
European Conformity

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