Stairlift for straight and curved Stairs

Stair lift with Chair solution
The VICTORIA stairlift with chair is the ideal solution for regaining mobility in the presence of stairs. The system can overcome straight and curved routings also with several flights with landings and varying gradients.

Reliability and comfort: the swivel seat and backrest are padded and upholstered in waterproof grey material. The safety belt warrants the utmost tranquillity during use. Simplicity and convenience in use thanks to the joystick controls on the armrest.

With its simple and essential style, VICTORIA makes it possible to achieve perfect harmony and integration with any setting with minimal encumbrance, owing to the track built according to the shape of the staircase and the presence of the tiltable footrest when the machine is closed.

Fundamental is noiselessness of the system in motion.

Specific treatments, together with the special protective waterproof canvas provided by us, preserve the stairlift from the action of the weather, also making it suitable for outdoor use. The system does not need any accessory masonry works and no installation permit or licence.

VICTORIA  possesses all the devices needed to warrant the utmost personal safety. Special finishes and accessories can be provide on request. Faboc guarantees its products for 24 months from delivery.

max. 160
2 years
European Conformity

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