Wheelchair Lift - Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lift

Pantograph platform without enclosed shaft
The PARIGI-A platform is ideal for installations in which a special closed runway shaft is not possible or required; it is suitable for meeting the needs of users with reduced motor capabilities, either on a wheelchair or standing, if necessary also with an accompanying person.

PARIGI-A develops a vertical only movement to serve well-defined floors or levels up to a maximum difference in height of 2000 mm. The platform is made with external hydraulic power pack and electric board to simplify any maintenance and repair operations.

Simplicity and safety: with easy-to-use on-board and landing controls and the presence of a protective bellows under the platform to prevent the danger of crushing.

Versatile design, due to the safety glass and steel structure, which makes it possible to achieve perfect harmony and integration with any setting; specific treatments preserve it from the action of the weather also making it suitable for outdoor use. The systems are fitted with emergency downward travel that can be operated directly from the platform and, on request, with motorised doors.

PARIGI-A is provided with all the devices needed to warrant the utmost safety of the user. Special finishes and accessories can be provide on request. Faboc guarantees its products for 24 months from delivery.

max. 350
2 years
European Conformity

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