Faboc was founded in 1985 as a company that deals with the project management and construction of automated special machines for various industries.After the first requests for equipment for the transport of persons with reduced mobility, since 1995 we decided to invest in this sector and dedicate ourselves exclusively to designing and implementing solutions to overcome barriers, obtaining numerous approvals from customers.With the continuous increase in demand, since 2003 we are working on a new and larger building able to accommodate the new business volume.
Thanks to the experience and the flexibility of the production we can also build special equipment to meet the needs of each customer in accordance with the continuous updating of legislation and European business.

Mission and Future

With our company we want to offer the latest technolgy, that are easy to use and help people with mobility problems to gain their independence. This is the purpose that motivates us to design new solutions, some of which are fully integrated with the environment to the point of becoming almost invisible. With these intentions, we develop projects that are relevant for today and the future, with the support of our planing partners and all Faboc staff.