Elevator Lift Installation in Brescia

Installation of a disabled platform in the Museum of Brescia.

Following a special request from the municipality of Brescia we have realized a special facility we called Atlantide for its ability to disappear under the floor.
The superintendent asked to leave a Roman wall dating back to the 1st century AD, but there was a desire to make the archaeological site accessible to people with different abilities, with the same path as those for the standardized visitors.

FABOC’s technical study has been designed to provide a pantograph lift designed to apply a floor identical to that of the rest of the room, with perimeter protection fixed to the floor, which rises by more than one meter to protect the user And follows the platform in its nearly half-and-a-half run. Everything is completely under ground when it is resting, integrating perfectly with the room and remaining almost invisible to the visitor.
The installed plant has received the applause of visitors and workmen